Welcome to My Website!

I'm Rusty, proud owner of Magical Worlds here at Magicalgirl.com.  I have been into anime since 1991 and I've sold at dozens of anime conventions.  In 1998 I discovered eBay and I've been selling there almost exclusively since that time.  

If you couldn't tell, I love fantasy.  Fairies, mermaids, demons...basically what is called Monster Girls today.  It's why my website is called Magicalgirl.

I also like video games, anime/manga, toy collecting, just about all types of music and collecting records/tapes/cds.  I have thousands of DVDs ranging from fantasy, TV shows, cartoons, wrestling.  I'm basically old school and just about anything past 2000 is alien to me as I live very much in the past.  

Feel free to contact me!  I also buy stuff, just about anything with resale value.