things that I love…

These are just a few of the things I love.

Comic Books/Manga

If I am not watching cartoons or playing video games, then you can find me reading comics or manga! I’ve read tons of books!


I’ve been a cartoon fan since I could ever remember back in the mid-70s. YES! I’m really that old! And I still watch them today.


I have three darling cats! Eri, Maxie and Luna. I love cats so much, I would have a dozen if I could! Meow Meow Meow MEWWWW! NYAAAN!

Video Games

I’ve been playing since 1981 when I got my first Atari 2600. I have just about every popular console and handheld up to today.

Fantasy Stuff

I love all things fantasy, especially magical girls like Fairies, Mermaids, Witches, Naga and so on. It’s why my website is called Magical Girl.

pexels-photo-799420 on ebay is my Ebay account where I sell general garage sale stuff. Usually toys and collectibles, electronics and books. Just about anything I can make money off of really, but at least 75% of it is stuff I have an interest in.


fairyland on ebay

Fairyland is my Ebay account where I mostly sell anime stuff. I get huge collections of stuff off of Yahoo Japan auctions and I have them sent to me for reselling in the USA.

a little more about Magical Worlds

Online selling of anime and other goodies since 1998.  Mail order since 1992.

I got into the anime hobby way back in 1992.  There was a comic book store at the local mall and they had boxes and boxes of liquidated comics for something like 50 cents each or whatever.  I looked though them all but not much really caught my interest.  But I did see some that did.  I saw cute drawings with themes similar to the Archie comics which I so loved as a child and teen.  I bought three series and they were Lum, Ninja High School and I forgot the third one, but it was no turning back.  I got hooked and became an obsessive hikikomori otaku!

At the time there was a magazine called MANGAzine and they had a pen pal section.  I took to that as I had wanted to meet others who was into the hobby.  Mind you that this was about 5 years before anime really took off as well as the internet.  It was a very cult underground thing.  So I wrote to a lot of people and then eventually made friends and went to anime cons with them.  I sort of found anime cons boring, but I loved the buying and selling of anime stuff.  So I went to various Japanese stores to buy untranslated manga, as well as comic book stores all across several states to buy old back issues for reselling.  Ultimately I’ve sold at a few dozen anime cons over a 10 year period.

Then Ebay hit. I started to sell on there and it was so much easier and higher profited than doing conventions.  Eventually I started buying anime stuff off of Japanese auctions to resell.  That became very profitable for a few years.  But then the hobby sort of died as the bootlegs from China flooded the market and every one else became Ebay sellers as well.  So now days I have two selling accounts.  One for anime stuffs and one for garage sale stuffs, where I mostly sell old toys, video games, books, DVD and electronics that I pick up cheap.

And that’s about it really.  I love going out and buying old collectors stuff and I still love anime stuffs as well, although to be honest with you, I tend to like the classics more than the modern stuff.  If you want to talk to me, I’m more than happy to make a friend with you and talk hobby stuff or Ebay selling in general.